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Do you ever wonder why you have knee jerk reactions to "little things"? Or try to change your habits and behaviors to no avail?'re not alone. So many of my clients come in with built in behaviors, habits, reactions, thoughts and emotions that were wired into their brains throughout childhood and adolescence. Additionally, these behaviors are reinforced by others throughout their lifetime, making it more difficult to develop new habits and phase out the old.


So often we gather information on genetic tendencies, cultural backgrounds and family tree connections, but forget about mental health on a personal, family and societal scale. As humans, we long so much for connection to others, yet we isolate ourselves from others when it comes to our emotional well-being and place blame, shame and self-deprecation on ourselves for having these struggles.

On this portion of my website, I provide resources on the importance of integration, how the brain works and develops under chronic trauma/stress from childhood to adulthood. Information equips people to build awareness around what they have the power to change and how to advocate for their needs and connect to others in a productive meaningful way.

My main goal for this website is to provide a "station" for clients and struggling individuals to explore, inform and integrate knowledge, balance and practice into their life for a fuller and more fruitful life. Take some time, click on the link, explore and learn.

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