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Welcome, if you are visiting this page, it is possible you are looking for guidance and relief in managing distressing circumstances, relationships or with finding the motivation to complete daily tasks. Therapy is a medium used to help people find this relief and improve their ability to manage their distress. Through informing my clients, practice and incorporating balance, I encourage my clients to work together with me to develop tools to pull upon when facing stressful or difficult life circumstances. I specialize in trauma, depression and anxiety in youth. These specializations have granted me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base to aid clients in developing healthy support systems, effective coping skills and more balance in life. For more specific information on me as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, click on the "About" button under the "Home" tab.

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Thank you for your request, I will respond upon my earliest convenience. Please note, if this is an emergency, call 911 immediately to obtain immediate help. This contact form is meant for inquiries and urgent safety concerns or emergencies should be responded to by contacting emergency service providers by dialing 911.

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